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TradingPLC Ventures 

The subsidiary company of TradingPLC Pte Ltd, which is the holding company. 

Being the investment arm of TradingPLC, we have a team of proprietary traders engaging on various instruments and across different markets such as equity indices futures, FX and bonds futures.

We also employ the use of algorithms in areas to assist our traders.

We believe in working in an exciting, fast pace environment. Learning knowledge about Macro Trading.

TradingPLC Ventures Mission is to look for Traders to Groom, Traders to fund. You will have the potential to build this into a career for yourself.

Why are we looking for Traders?

Not just traders, we are looking for profitable traders who have a healthy respect for risk. We have the vision to expand our presence globally and make a positive impact for the communities and markets.

Ventures being the investment arm has the Capital to be deployed for trading and investment, and space, a Trading environment.

We also have Trading Algos which require profitable traders to help run these algos profitably.


Although TRADINGPLC is a start-up in Singapore, we try our best and contributes to achieving the Global Goals.

  • We ensure people to have a safe environment, such as a Co-working space environment so they can work independently. We provide Proprietary Trading recruitment so that people who have a passion for financial trading can support themselves and their families. (Goal 1&2: No poverty, Zero hunger)

  • Our education programme provided is to ensure people are able to learn, how to keep trading performance profitable and consistent while ensuring the risk management protocols are in place. At the same time to acquire the skills required to effectively manage their money. (Goal 4: Quality Education)

  • We are having plans for expansion and growth globally. We wish to bring what we have currently in Singapore to help different parts of the world of lower-income economies, where people can learn independently, having a decent work and have a source of income for themselves and improving Economic Growth.
    (Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth)



I enjoy talking and discussing trading with people with similar interests. I am able to learn new ideas and share mine as well to better improve my trading.

Lucas Lee

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