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Who Uses Co-working Space?


Everyday use:

At Tradingplc, we are open for all to use the co-working office especially start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our hotdesks are open for use on weekdays, 9am to 6pm. The seating arrangement is flexible, and you can also try it for a day at a day's rate! Other areas that are used by our tenants would be the private offices and dedicated desks. They have 24 hours access to the office with fixed and designated spaces.

Our co-working space is highly secured and safe to leave your belongings while you go out for your lunch or toilet breaks that when you come back, you do not have to worry about finding a work desk for yourself again. Toilets are within the compound, we provide free WIFI and unlimited flow of coffee or tea at your convenience!

Event use:

On weekdays after 6pm, the hotdesking area turns into a seminar room for talks or night classes. The different rooms cater to a different type of events depending on the group size and agenda. Co-working space is not only for daily use, the different areas allow others to use for shorter hours and lesser days. There were conferences, classes, filmings, meetings and seminar talks on different business and products done at TradingPLC.


The purpose of working at a co-working space is to motivate you and increase your productivity. Here, you can leave your desk anytime without worrying about your belongings stolen or seats taken up by someone else. Co-working space also allows you to connect with others and broaden your network.

If you are a start-up or entrepreneur and would like a space to meet up with your potential clients, come down to TradingPLC! We are small, comfortable and convenient for you, your team or even audiences.

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