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Is TradingPLC a Co-working Space? Event Space? A Lounge or a place for Traders?

We are not just only a Co-working space. Our story is strive to bring traders, entrepreneurs, small start-up companies and investors from all areas into a supportive and healthy community that aims to keep members connected, prepared and knowledge to be better traders, more business opportunity globally.

A little story about TradingPLC:   TradingPLC is a Co-working & Event space hatched one morning by two traders over their coffee in a neighbourhood cafe. They were lamenting about how wonderful it would be to have a place where they could comfortably work without the disadvantages and distractions of a public space.

     They discussed the convenience of having simple amenities like a good printer, unlimited wifi or a safe spot where they could leave their possessions behind without the need of paying astronomical fees for a whole office. 

     'Wouldn't it be great to also meet other traders so we could enjoy sharing trade strategies and ideas!'. That was when a lightbulb moment entered both minds and TradingPLC was born.


TRADING. What is Trading?

Stock Market | Equity Market | Share Market

Stock Exchange Market is a group of buyers and sellers in which they exchange their shares with loss and profit, regularly. It is not a simple market where you can buy groceries or something like that, but in this market you can buy Shares of different share holding companies.

To understand a stock market is not an easy task, in this post I’ll give you a simple overview of stock market.

Let’s understand Stock Market with a simple example; you have your own company and you want to grow it, suppose its worth in the market at that specific time is $ 20 million and you want it to increase up to $ 30 million, so you need an investment of $ 10 million and now you have to make shares of your company so that public invest in your company by purchasing its shares.

Let suppose you make 1 million shares of your company, now each share’s worth will be $ 10.

Now comes toward Stock Market which base upon a number of factors and a number of persons including; stockbroker, portfolio manager, investor, market manager and last but not the least company. Stockbroker is a connection between investor and the company which is selling its shares. Portfolio manager advices the company or investor to buy or sell shares according to market trend. Market manager is the main person who provides a platform to investors and companies to trade their shares.

Working of the Stock Market is the main thing to understand. First of all a company which is going to sell its shares, it have to make “Initial Public Offering (IPO)” in which a Stock Exchange Market provide a platform to company to sell its shares to common public. Through IPO public buy the shares of the company and it all occur in Primary Stock Market. Now it depends on you, how long you can carry these shares to get maximum benefit. Different Share Markets have different criterion of holding these shares like Equity, Futures, Commodity, Options and Forex. For the beginners Equity or Futures is the best company to invest. If the company get profit then its market value increases, consequently, price of its share also increase and now public can trade its shares.

Now, you are thinking about how to invest in the stock market and get the benefit. In the previous decades, when the Stock Market was established it was done on the paper. But now as internet is increasing day by day, so Stock Market also become a part of this internet. Now all the Stock Exchange occur online.

Want to learn more about trading? Check out TheSystematicTrader

The Systematic Trader aim to develop people to be the best version of themselves. Learning how to Trade well!


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