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When looking for a co-working space, one must take their time to consider a few factors before joining. A co-working space should provide you an environment that motivates you and keeps you focused. On the contrary to working at home offices or cafes, there are advantages to joining a co-working space. It is much more than just having a reliable internet and free coffee. What you can do is to list down the things that best suit your needs. Here are some of the factors that you can take note of:

1. Living with the community

Let's start with getting to know the culture of co-working space. These shared spaces are thus great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams to exchange ideas and networks where you can establish connections. Co-working space exists to create a physical space for people to feel like they belonged, both personally and professionally. Having the right community will not only motivate you to get to work but it also balances your lifestyle as interactions are essential for personal growth and your health. So get to know the community before committing long term in the space.

2. Environment

Different co-working space has a different look and sound to it. Go space-hopping and see what are the type of areas they offer and what suits you best. When visiting a co-working space for the first time, you may want to take note of how quiet or noisy the space is. The purpose of getting a co-working space is to work in a clean and conducive environment that helps to improve productivity.

Here at TRADINGPLC, we provide shared spaces or private offices furnished and equipped with all the modern amenities in a friendly, casual environment.

Click onto the link below to take a look at the spaces that we offer!

3. Location

Take note of the accessibility of the co-working space you are looking at, not only for yourself but for your future clients as well. An ideal location would be a place that has a good transport network. Also, take a look around the neighbourhood. Consider other factors like the nearest gym or a park, nearby food places or cafes for you to unwind or have meetings outside. Look around for other potential places to create business networks too.

4. Flexibility

What do they mean by flexibility? Flexibility here refers to the opening hours or the availability of the space. On some occasions when you need to work on something or hold a few hours seminar for a group on a non-operating day, the workspace and facilities are open for you to use.

5. Amenities

Don't be afraid to ask about the amenities that they offer within the co-working space. You may not know what you should be asking for. Here are some of it:

- Security

- Reliable internet

- Meeting/conference/seminar room bookings

- Outdoor space

- Air-conditioned

- Stationary and printer services

- Pantry

- Free flow of coffee/tea

- Parking

- Lockers

- Storage facilities

- Mail & front-desk services

Taking in consideration of the amenities that the co-working space provides, it will lead you to the last factor: budget.

6. Budget

The essential factor when looking for a co-working space would be budget. The reason why freelancers settle for co-working space is because of its cost-effectiveness. And spending a little extra for amenities can save you money, also considering the other factors mentioned above. Look out for offers or promotions for membership sign-ups which could help you in your budget in the long run.

The above-mentioned factors are just some guidelines that you can follow when looking for a co-working space. While looking at individual preference is important, it is also best to think about what the co-working space can offer you for your own growth. 

Co-working space has grown in numbers over the years. People have been settling for these spaces to start small businesses, network and get things done.

In TRADINGPLC, we have so much to offer! Best to try it out and see how it can help in your growth and improve productivity.

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