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Overcoming Co-working Challenges

We have spoken a lot on the good of co-working spaces but let's be realistic. Everywhere we go, there ought to be the cons or challenges. So what could be the downside of a co-working space?

1. Constant distractions

No doubt being in a co-working space can be noisy as there is a lack of noise barriers. Hence, you can hear the conversations between people on the other side of the room, clacking of keyboards and pens. On top of that, there are movements at different times of the day which can be quite a distraction for some co-workers.

However, co-working spaces have included spaces specifically for big group discussions and phone calls. There are phone booths located in the office itself for co-workers to use and make calls. Rooms of different sizes have been segregated from the main co-working office area for different purposes such as meetings, conferences, and seminars. By having these secluded rooms and spaces, noises and distractions have been reduced with the cooperation of co-workers utilizing the different rooms.

2. Different social and professional expectations

There will be people from different professions in a co-working space and they behave differently. In our previous blog, we have mentioned about extroverts and introverts being in a co-working space.

While we have extroverts communicating with one another, we also have introverts who spend most of their time doing their things on their own and keeping to themselves most of the time. Take your time to get to know your co-workers. Don't take it personally if someone rejects your offer or does not initiate a conversation with you most of the time.

3. Enclosed environment

The enclosed environment also causes a lack of privacy and invasion of personal space. As we all know, office spaces were traditionally designed for oneself to have a sense of privacy with cubicles. However, due to trends and circumstances, these privacy walls have been brought down and somehow affected the productivity of each individual.

Hence, before committing to a co-working space, look around and visit them to get a feel of the office as well a to clear your doubts or any questions you have about the space. Co-working space varies in terms of design, theme, and concept. Find what's best for your comfort!

4. Personal environment preference

Being in a shared space would mean that there will be different preferences for different things such as the aircon temperature, to open or close the windows, winding up the blinders and more.

This can easily be solved if co-workers can co-operate with one another or be reasonable with their requests. Hence, you can always ask or inform your co-worker if you will be making changes to the aircon, seating arrangement, or even if you will be eating at your shared desk. Your co-workers would appreciate you for being thoughtful.

Sharing spaces have never been an easy thing for all of us. As a co-worker, we need to be considerate of others. This way, we can all work comfortably with the presence of one another. Click the following link to read up more on co-working space etiquette!

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