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Motivation running low?

At some point in time, we lose our will to get our work done. Even a highly motivated individual would feel indifferent and drag themselves to complete their tasks. We are all only human to feel that way. Feeling unmotivated not only affects our daily lives, duties, and people around us but also our health. As time goes by, you will start having a sense of guilt for not being productive, be it school work, proposals or even house chores. Apart from forcing or mentally drill yourself, here's what you can do to boost your productivity!

1. Create a To-Do List

It is always best to have a to-do list, be it a draft or an actual one. Being organised helps because it gives you a clearer direction in completing your work. Start small and come up with a draft list every end of the day instead of cracking your brain every morning. By doing so, you are also updating your progress for the day. Having a to-do list is also good because sometimes you may have missed out something and you can simply add on to the list. Listing your pending duties will give you a sense of responsibility in finishing your work.

2. Adjust Your Environment

Being at home offices can be very dull and draining. Shift your working area nearer to the window so you can have an occasional view of the trees and the sky. Open the door to get some fresh air time after time or even, add some colours to your desk with a pot of plant.

Another place that can demotivate you would be cafes or public spaces. These spaces are shared, and everyone carries out their activities - working, eating, catching up. It can be very distracting and when you go hopping from one place to another, it decreases your productivity. Also, it is hard to get reliable wifi in public. Using a data hotspot would be the very last thing you would be comfortable doing.

Consider getting to a co-working space. Although it is shared, the different amenities and facilities can cater to your needs. Free unlimited coffee, reliable wifi, clean toilets, and a supportive community. If you are still new to the concept of co-working space or unsure how to get one, check out our previous post on Co-working Space: Factors to Consider.

3. Interact

You must communicate with your team members or partners. Having them around allow you to exchange ideas and opinions which can help improve your work. One of the advantages of being in a co-working space is interaction. Having people working around you will motivate you to get going. They are your support. Having them increases your creativity as you expand new ideas or solutions!

4. Take Breaks

Spare some time to unwind. Take a breather for about 5-10 minutes. Go out and look at the sky and trees! Or walk down the street for a while before getting back to work. Most co-working spaces have an outdoor space or shared balcony. Take a short break and sip a cup of afternoon tea. Sometimes they carry out events to simply network. Or activities like yoga, meditation and they would usually welcome you in! Don't be afraid to ask about these sessions.

5. Eliminate Distraction

Be disciplined and balanced. Some of us are afraid of taking breaks because we will get carried away with the fun things. Don't be. Set a target or an alarm for how long should you take your break time. Avoid checking your phones or social media. Keep it silent or away from you! And while interaction is important, keep it professional and focused so that you are not involved in other conversations that can distract you from your work.

6. Recharge

Sleep is not for the weak! You need to be productive. Not having enough rest results in you feeling tired and unmotivated to do things. Feeling sleepy will slow down your thinking capacity and that affects the productivity of your work. Have sufficient rest and drink plenty of water. Also, don't skip meals. Food gives you energy and that keeps your body moving.

It does happen that on some days you don't feel motivated and it makes you question why. Take some time to look around you and see what is holding you back. Sometimes it is your body asking you to rest and unwind for a bit. While we all work hard, we need to work smart too. If you are looking for balance and a change of environment to boost your productivity, check out our co-working space. Take a look at what it can offer you and help in your growth!


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