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Is Video Conferencing the Next Big Thing

With most countries currently on lockdown, many people are turning to online platforms to sell their wares and deliver tangible products via a third party service. Others now turn to video calling via their mobile phones and computers to communicate face to face. Will this become the next big thing?

A lockdown will result in a person being forced to reform their daily routine and habits. On the other hand, a prolonged lockdown may result in the person getting used to the new daily routine and habit.

Which brings about the million dollar question: Will a person's habits and/or behaviour change from the way it was before lockdown?

For better or worse, humans are generally social creatures. With strict social distancing measures set in place in most countries, people are becoming more reliant on other means of communication with their colleagues, friends and family.

Most users are now working from home, opting for any free and available communication service in their everyday lives. Some may prefer a paid option for enhanced offerings.

Video conferencing companies such as Skype and Zoom, have since seen a significant increase in signups since countries have been enforcing a lockdown policy on their population. For the latter company, this figure has shot up by about 21% since the end of 2019. Zoom shares have also gone up by 40% in February. The company has also added 2.22 million monthly active users so far in 2020, whereas it only managed to add 1.99 million in 2019.

Another question would be, how would this impact Co-working Spaces like TradingPLC?

Will people become too comfortable working from home in these few months of being on lockdown, as compared to moving to a quiet space for work? Will it allow people to work more flexibly from other work spaces?

Only time can tell.

For now, let us all co-operate with Government guidelines and keep ourselves clean and safe.

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