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Importance of Change

Why is it important to experience change, and what exactly do we need to change in our lives? While change can be uncomfortable, it is also inevitable and necessary for an individual to grow. Whether the change experience turns out good or bad, it can happen at any point in one's life. It is best to keep track of what you do. By doing so, you know when you need a little change in your lifestyle, work habits or environment. Little changes also matter, here's why it is important:

It helps you to focus.

How does change helps you to focus? Perhaps you now have a day to day notepad to keep track of your daily to-do list or what to achieve at the end of the day. The chances of you getting distracted are low because you have your day set out on your notepad and you know you need to tick the checklist at the end of the day.

Change will shape you.

As an individual and professional, you are molded by the changes that you made yourself or your external environment - people, job, lifestyle. Things that change and are beyond your control contribute to your growth as well. You become independent, confident and skilled. You adapt to the changes around you by adapting and learning how to overcome the challenges that you faced.

Ensuring that your life stays exciting.

While change has an unpredictable outcome, that doesn't mean should stay stagnant in your comfort zone your whole life! What can you change to make life much more exciting? Organize your calendar and manage your time well. Go out shopping, learn about new products and technology - it is ever-changing. Keep yourself up to date! Watch the news, catch up with the world - the economy, politics, people. It is also important that you keep yourself accompanied and entertained. Start by making appointments with family and friends outside work or over the weekends to catch up. It may sound very exhausting but these are the first steps to grow out of your shell.

Doors to opportunities and experiences.

You'll be surprised at what these little changes can give you - opportunities and experiences that sometimes don't even come with a price! Making and accepting changes lead you to new people or places that could help you further develop your professional skills. Document your journey. It is important to keep track of the people and places you are new with! Write down your progress, even if they are small - it makes you who you are today!

With that being said, do not rush yourself in changing everything at the same time. Sometimes, you don't even need to change anything at the moment. Make and adapt to changes accordingly. What matters most is that you don't stay in your comfort zone for too long!

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