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There are plenty of factors that draw remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs away from home offices and local coffee shops and into co-working spaces.

However it can be difficult to create that sense of liveliness and excitement while getting serious about office security.

Co-working spaces attract all kind of different trades, from freelancer to SME. However, all Co-working spaces need to know the potential security risk and understand how to overcome them.

Establishing a strong and secure network for your members to use is the key to keeping your space safe.

Research shows that employee theft cost business within the United States alone is $50 billion each year. Employee theft in the workplace is a larger concern than many people realize and it can affect any type of work-space. Much of these cases are related to stealing from company itself. But workplace theft can also involve stealing from a co-worker.

Set Up Access Control

Most cases happen because people have access to areas that they shouldn't be at. A very simple way is to use an access control system to let you easily provide access on an as-needed basis. It can guarantee member satisfaction and attract more members, who feel safe in the space.

But still, remember to keep your money and valuables beside you at all times.

Lock Your Doors

Having an access control is a great way, but it is still best to have a cloud-based access control. You will have the knowledge on who goes where and when in your space. You are able have 24/7 access or limit access to a certain time period. You can restrict access to specific meeting room or designated areas within your space.

Hire Front Desk Staff Who Can Prioritize Security

Co-working spaces, like other offices, are well served by having someone at the desk who manages the entire visitor experience, including security details.

Many co-working spaces are changing the front desk staff titles and job structure to reflect the security responsibility. If your front office staff understand security needs and is able to make suggestions on how to improve the check-in process from both customer and co-working side, you will have a powerful asset in your hands.

Visitor Badges

Visitors badges are a standard best practice in office security. A solid visitor badges makes it clear that all visitors must demonstrate proof that they've checked in.

Why not make these badges more fun? They can even be a branding tool.

TradingPLC Guest Badges


Other than these security reasons that has been in placed at most co-working spaces, people at co-working spaces are incredibly friendly. Co-working members often shows integrity in the workplace. They understand from right from wrong and members make the place a beneficial business environment. Trust worthy actions set the foundation between different members for a successful business relationships.

Hence, the number of people using co-working spaces are growing everyday, and these people often making their way to co-working space to get things done.

We have so much to offer, best to try it out and see how it can improve your productivity.

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