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Events at TradingPLC

BNI Events

Ever wonder where to hold a talk? Here at co-working TradingPLC, we also provide event spaces for your workshops, seminars or classes. We have meeting, conference and seminar room, and we welcome everyone from different areas to use our event spaces.

The food scene here is immense, with over 50+ snack bites, café, and restaurants. Hence, it has been convenient for our customers to source for food before, during their break in-between the events or after events gathering. Being in the Central Area of Singapore, we are surrounded by the perimeter of 4 MRT lines.

As comfort is something people have been drawn to, we would always achieve to create a very welcoming and warm environment for our customers. Hence, we design our space to let users experience comfort whenever they set foot.

Whether you are organizing a workshop or planning a networking event, TradingPlc has the perfect event areas for you. With our flexible rental time and proposed rates, you will spend less on venue rental and more on what you would like. You will get to have more budget on spending what you need for your activities!

Come and visit us at 45 Middle Road, Foo Ann Building #06-01 for more details on our event spaces! We will ensure that your events are hassle-free!

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