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As co-working space phenomenon has evolved, the idea has grown to include new and better amenities that make the workspace comfortable. Co-working in Singapore has grown fast enough which might become a staple of Singapore’s business landscape.

Simply because a co-working space has become a stop where different professionals and trades come together, pumping business opportunity to everyone who is in this shared environment.

However, there is more to the conventional co-working space with different professionals networking and collaborating with each other. Co-working space also offers a membership for those who do not want to sacrifice privacy and have a set place to call your own within the space, a Dedicated Desk.

Dedicated Desk means that the specific desk you book is yours for the duration of your booking. If you book for five months, you will have the same space for all five months. One of the greatest benefits is that it can be a place of privacy. You can personalize the space a little, and it tends to be larger than Hotdesk.

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