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Coworking Space, A new trend in Organizational work

Coworking Space, A new trend in Organizational work

The workplace is taking a new turn. Getting daily tasks done by individuals is taking a new dimension as well. The world is becoming diversified towards an ideal workplace. The advancement to make the work environment accommodating for many people of different disciplines, the number of people taking co-working space is rapidly increasing. In the next four decades, co-working space is likely to double personal company building spaces.

A survey by Deskmag showed that the number of offices shared by enterprises increased from 12,100 to 15,500 between 2016 and 2017 respectively. Co-working spaces are increasing with branches throughout the globe.

By 2022, there is a likelihood of having more than 30,432 co-working spaces with more than 5 million co-working individuals.

Most companies are buying into the viability of co-working space as a new business model. About 78% of the people who will constitute the workforce will use co-working spaces to be provided by top companies in 2030. Demand for these spaces is on the increase because of the advantages.

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Co-working space: TradingPLC?

TradingPLC is an alternative form of office space that permits individuals of various field/discipline, and economic sectors to execute their tasks in a shared work setting. Furthermore, co-working space in Singapore is defined as both physical spaces of carrying out independent work and space for social relations that bring about connectivity and cooperation among the occupants.

It promotes a productive environment, good social interaction and social networks for individual enterprise. It is the social interaction benefit that differentiates co-working space from just a physical workspace.

Who uses co-working space?

Studies have shown that co-working spaces are mostly used by individuals who work as freelancers or unemployed. Further research also shows that people who are gainfully employed use co-working space during free times and holidays. Top companies also get their staff to use co-working space for skill development, mentoring, innovation, and leadership skills. Statistically, individuals who use co-working space are freelancers (about 41%), and others including startups, PR, IT, early-stage entrepreneurs, SMEs and more.

Does co-working space have any benefit?

With co-working space membership fee, people can move from their homes and get by each day having their tasks done. Many buildings constructed for co-working spaces have a series of desks and chairs arranged in groups of at least two in a large hall, a dining room, seminar room, kitchen, coffee count and more.

Most Co-working spaces are known for a few benefits they have in common.

Ø Co-working space is cost-efficient for members: The cost of obtaining a space is affordable for coworkers who desire to avoid isolation of working from home. Based on the kind of work you do, you have the privilege to rent a space at an appropriate place where your job is best carried out. It was discovered that freelancers who have a co-working space are more creative, productive, and efficient than those who stay within their home comfort. For example, TradingPLC is located at the heart of Singapore, Bugis. A place where heritage of Singapore is at.

Usually, many co-working spaces are situated in high-profile business centres that have good access to transportation, café, mall, gym and other attractive infrastructures. As a member, you are eligible to free Wi-Fi, library, daily coffee and even toilet papers. The infrastructure is what makes carrying out your task pretty much easier for you.

Coworkers enjoy community events, workshops, lunches, and social activities: With co-working, you have your schedule made by you. Work is at your leisure, you have total freedom and in control of your time and work productivity. This is strongly different from the traditional working environment where your daily routine is planned from the day of the appointment to when you may retire.

Co-working promotes creativity and productivity: Startups often rent co-working spaces for team members to work. It offers members the opportunity to meet other innovative members who may have similar ideas. As a member, and through connection, you are likely to meet your potential client or new business partner by becoming a member of the community.

Popular companies such as Uber, Instagram, and Wanderfly all started at the co-working space. More companies are envisaged to come to limelight through co-working as more spaces are being constructed in metropolitans worldwide.

Co-working gives you flexibility: This is a fascinating aspect of using a co-working space. As a coworker using co-working space, you’re simply your boss. You are in control of your time, effort, and energy. You can decide to choose any desired working plan for yourself. You may decide to work six times a week, all to get a two-week task done in the six days. That is the fun part of the co-working space.

When using co-working space as a startup, you are free from solitary individualistic work style known with a traditional office. You can choose what to do, when and how to go about your day.

As innovation in technology and the general workforce increase, the need for flexibility in the work setting will increase. There is high hope in the profitability dimension that will take place. And with the profit accrued to co-working space, it is believed that the economy will be able to keep up.

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