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Co-working Space for Everyone

The truths and myths about co-working space - is it only for freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs? Is it true that only these groups of people fit to be in a co-working space?

Indeed, we usually find freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs being the majority in most co-working spaces, but that does not mean that others do not have a place in a co-working space. Anyone can be part of a community, regardless of your industry background. Keep in mind the different purposes of a co-working space and how the diverse community can benefit you as an individual or a corporate company.

A co-working space does not only have hotdesks. Here in TradingPLC, we have private offices and dedicated desks for companies that come in a group. You may think that it is a little contradicting to still have an office in a co-working space.

Take note that some companies are smaller and they do not need a huge office for themselves. On top of that, co-working space offers great perks such as free flow of coffee/tea, printing services, 24-hour access, discounted hours for meeting rooms and even providing them the mailing address. Alternatively, they find small private offices for themselves. They can be a small team of 1 to 5 people, fitting into 1 office of 5 pax. With co-working space, they are saving costs and benefit from other perks! Being in a co-working space, these corporate companies can also form beneficial partnerships. Co-working space creates an opportunity to collaborate with other industries.

Then, you may ask, isn't co-working space meant for individuals with no company?

As a co-working space, we try as much to cater not only for individuals but also for small corporate companies because convenience and growth are for everyone, and as long as you are in a co-working place, it is a place of opportunities. Make your time in a co-working space purposeful. Network with your co-workers, stay in trend with other industries, share and expand knowledge with one another - build a community!

No matter which industry you come from, you are welcome to have a place in our co-working space.

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