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Co-working Space Challenged Amidst Virus

How does the Wuhan Coronavirus impact the co-working space industry as a whole? With the on-going virus, some companies are starting to implement the work-from-home experiment. This means lesser co-workers coming to offices for work and staying home to avoid contact with others. As the colour ranking changes, companies are giving Leave of Absence to prevent the spread of the virus from escalating.

TradingPLC precautionary measures:

We understand that this virus is particularly asymptomatic, meaning individuals does not produce or show any symptoms of the virus. Therefore, temperature taking will be done daily before allowing staff, tenants or visitors entry to space for extra precaution.

As much as we value the presence of our members and events, let's prioritise our health and everybody around us. With great discipline, you can still be productive while working from home. It is advised that if you are feeling unwell, wear a mask when interacting with someone and seek treatment from doctors as soon as possible.

Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently! Our hands are in contact with our environment the most. So, carry a small bottle of sanitiser with a good percentage of alcohol mixture. This will help to reduce and prevent bacteria from living on your skin!

As updated on Singapore news, the colour ranking has changed to orange. It has alarmed many citizens. However, it is best that we do not panic and avoid being in a crowded place or gathering with others. Let's keep calm and work towards fighting the virus!

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