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Co-working Etiquette

Being in a co-working space means having to respect one another. Adopt these key factors to create a friendly and healthy co-working space. These expectations are most common and simple but they help keep everyone happy. If you are new to co-working space's culture, here's what you can do:

1. Clean up after yourself

Leave no traces on your table, whether or not you are a long term member of the co-working space. Especially if it is a shared room like a meeting room, conference rooms, always try to keep the rooms clean. Throw away the food packaging or cups that you have used. Also, eat considerately. Ask your co-workers if they are comfortable with you eating at your work station. Otherwise, proceed to have your meal at the kitchen or designated rest area to eat. It is always nice and healthier to leave your desk and have a good break!

2. Maintain appropriate noise level

Don't speak like a mouse, just keep your speaking volume at an appropriate level. Also, always use professional and friendly language. If you need to have a group discussion, take it to the lounge or meeting room. Some co-working spaces even have an outdoor space for you to have a conversation with your co-workers!

3. Be friendly and courteous

As much as we seek co-working members to be considerate with the noise level, we encourage everyone to interact with one another. Being in a co-working space, there is no forced friendships or conversations but a little smile or greeting goes a long way! Think to yourself again, why did you apply to be a member here? Co-working space is where you network and work at the same time. Remember your purpose of coming to a co-working space - ideas, collaboration, co-work!

4. Bring your supplies

Always bring your own - or you can always purchase what you need at the mini stationery counter. If you had borrowed a co-worker's things, be courteous and return them as soon as you finished using them. If there is a need to replace, let them know before you purchase a new one for them!

5. Be aware of scents

Don't be quick to get offended! Sometimes it is allergies. If you wish to use scented lotions or ointments, let your neighbouring co-workers know because they might have a sensitive sense of smell and react differently to it!

6. Only use your allowed space

Different members of the co-working space have different access to certain areas or rooms of the co-working space. However, it is always courteous to ask the front desk before using the rooms as there might have advanced bookings from others. Also, keep to the time that you booked. There might be others who are waiting to use the rooms.

Be courteous and respect one another. After all, its a shared space! While you keep everything professional, also remember to be friendly towards one another. The simplest things you do can make others feel happy and comfortable in the co-working space. Cheers to a bright co-working space!

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