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During the current pandemic situation, the working environment and societal benefits have become apparent. Most parents today, HOME has become their regular coworking space, with the bedroom or kitchen table taking the place of a private office.

With family by your side months into working from home, do you still have balance?

In the last few weeks, attempts to increase social distancing and address the coronavirus pandemic has led to businesses all over the world shifting to remote working.

Without much preparation, unintended social benefits arising from people cutting the commute and working at home.

However, work-at-home parents are faced with a different set of challenges when it comes to creating a healthy work-life balance. Doing it alongside a spouse or with children around is sure to present a whole new set of challenges. But before you get overwhelmed, here are some tips to help achieve professional and personal balance. 

1. Reduce Distractions

You may be tempted to hope for the best and take one day at a time; you plan to try to work from home and meet family needs as they come up. This is a mistake.

Usually working from home, people tend to work too little or too much, and avoiding distractions. It's not always the other people in our lives who may distract us; sometimes distractions come in the form of housework, TV, or social media.

2. Communicate

When the whole office suddenly starts working from home, you’re cutting off a lot of the casual social interactions that help you feel less lonely and break up the working day. Get real with your boss and teammates. Explain your commitment to helping the company navigate and voice what obstacles you will have to manage in the background.

3. Take Care of Yourself

It doesn’t have to be anything special or take very long. The fact is your family will just enjoy being around you for a short time each day. You must make time for what's important for you and your family's own mental and physical health. Encourage people in your house to stretch, strengthen, or exercise in whatever way feels good for them.

Prioritize building a routine that keeps time for you as an important goal. Plan for how you will address the myriad of tasks coming your way, otherwise you might find yourself working around the clock because home life required you more.

However, it is not a bad thing, after all, it is important to enjoy the time you have with your family. We understand that this is not always easy to do but the smallest changes can make the world of difference. Spending time with your children can help your family relationships become stronger and develop tighter bonds.

Lets us embrace a greener, happier society still include coworking spaces.

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