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5 Reasons, why working in a Co-Working Space is better than Public Space?

By TradingPLC | Mar 05, 2019 | Co-working Space knowledge


Are you a solo entrepreneur or a small group of teams finding a conducive office space to work comfortably? You are at the right place!

Yes, a Co-working space is more expensive than working from home or cafe. But if you want your Business opportunity to grow, Co-working space is the right place, where others like you come together under one roof.

But before we start, let's ask yourself this question: Are you willing to pay the price in order to reach your goals?

We all know that when it comes to pursue our goals, passion and dreams, we need a level of focus and commitment in order to achieve that goal.

It is about transition, it will be much easier to prove over time. There is NO Exact time and Date that you know you have already succeed, Right?


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Think of your Business, working in a Co-working space like going to a gym, an exercise. If you were going to the gym and you work out and come back home looking into the mirror. You will see nothing. If you go to the gym the next day and you come back and look into the mirror again, nothing.

So clearly, there's no results. You believe that it must not be effective. So we quit.

Or you fundamentally believe that this is the right actions, and you stick to it.


Just like focusing your work 100% in a Co-working space, stick to it consistently, I'm not sure what is the exact day, but I know that you are closer to achieving your goals.


Now, which 5 reasons will help you to take the step out from your home or coffee place?

Reasons #1: Save cost on your daily caffeine. Not 1, not 2 but unlimited amount of coffee for you!

Let say that you are working from home and you decided to take a break to grab a coffee nearby your house, or let us imagine you working outside in a café or a coffee place. Depending on the location, your coffee prices ranges from SGD $8 TO $10.

If you take at least 1 cup of coffee a day, this would mean $10 x 20 working days/month = $200. Without a proper desk, a High speed internet and with the worry that you will lose your spot or valuable if you go to the washroom.

Check out the most affordable Hotdesking rate in town at only $150/month with unlimited coffee and tea.

Reasons #2: Conducive environment, Increase in work productivity.

This market research have shown the drastic increase in people workstyle after they have start to work in a Co-working space. Studies shows that Co-working trend will continue to grow.

In contrast to work from home, a Co-working space provides an environment that inspire and less distractions for you. In a shared space, people come and go, hence you will be able to meet people from different organization.

The best way to speed up your process at work is to utilize the tools provided for you in the Co-working Space.

Not only desks are in a Co-working space.Take TradingPLC for example, conference room, Seminar room and meeting room are available, without the needs to worry any process. Everything is managed on your behalf. This help you to save countless hours in the long run which in return, increase your focus and productivity at work, a step closer to reach your goals.

Reasons #3: You will have the Urge/Determine to succeed with other members!

Co-working spaces are also a great place to network.

You will be able to meet potential employees or freelancers from different company, who are willing to share or help you. Meeting someone in person is so much more valuable and what betters ways you can find when a Co-working space automatically gathers the people for you instead of having to go around to search one by one.

Do you need a potential customer?

Maybe you require their service or they need yours. This is when, you can see your work is progressing.

Remember, everyone at the Co-working space is trying to succeed too. You can connect to other people within the same industry or expertise. Take the first step out, choose a Co-working environment that expect more of us, we will adapt and we will have higher expectations for ourselves!

Hotdesking area

Reasons #4: How you can change from Introvert to Extrovert.

Are Co-working space only for those who like to meet people?

Have you ever asked yourself, are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Research shows that more introvert members often speak with 3 other Co-working members each working day.

This interactions helps you to open up and have a sense of belonging to the Co-working space community. So, if you are a shy, quiet person and yet want to increase business networking opportunity, you are at the right place. The social interactions in a Co-working space naturally make people less awkward. Walking around a shared space is always allowed and it’s advised to do. This has networking benefit for you too.

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Reasons #5: High speed Wifi and Security

Have you ever encounter a hard time to find a place or connecting to a stable Wifi at a coffee place? Or even in the event of running low on battery but no power source?

What if you can have a space, having simple amenities like a good printer, unlimited wifi or a safe spot where you could leave your possessions behind without the need of paying astronomical fees for a whole office?

Sounds good?

All Co-working space provide their member with secure high speed Wifi which can increase your work productivity, comparing to the ones you connected at a coffee place which then to be laggy or pissed you off time to time.

Next, Security is a very crucial issue. All entrance of Co-working spaces are all well secured. Doors are accessible via access code or smart cards, and receptionist will always be there to welcome you. Lockers provided for you to lock up your equipment when you are going away for long. Even just for a short while, you can leave your laptop on the working desk at ease.

Isn't it great to work without worries?

In Conclusion,

The right people will adapt and find that environment that supports you with your goals, passion and dream.

If you want an extraordinary result in your work, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Back to the question, are you willing to pay that price?

Hope that this Co-working blog can give you an assurance and find your perfect space to settle in.

Q: Is there an affordable Co-working space in town?

Of course, there is!!

A well furbished office environment which provide all amenities with an affordable membership, located in the heart of Singapore.

Check out:

TradingPLC - Bugis

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