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Grooming and Funding Traders to Success

Junior and Senior Funded Trader

Full time | Executive | Risk Management, Banking & Finance


TradingPLC Ventures is a dynamic company with a vision to expand presence globally and make a positive impact on the communities and markets.


We are looking for Traders-To-Be / Proprietary (prop) Traders in Singapore to fund. This exciting role is mostly for experienced traders in the recruitment route. We want someone who is committed and wants to secure this rare opportunity.


It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or have little experience in trading. We want an ardent learner who’s always looking to improve their trading skills and want to make serious money consistently.


We Have:

  • Fun and dynamic environment where our proprietary team is able to discuss valuable information that can help them to profit from market activities.

  • A team of Coaches & Top traders with a minimum of 10 - 20 years’ experience.

  • Sophisticated modeling, software, and Infrastructure for our Traders to trade.

  • Experience coaches to let you realize outsized trading gains and move to the status of making real money.


This Job Might Be For You if:

  • You have a passion for trading and will be working on your trading strategy daily.

  • You are a keen learner and would like to improve your skills consistently.

  • Willing to Invest your Time and Commitment to build and improve your skill before becoming a pro trader. If you are talented, you will get returns progressively.

  • You want to learn knowledge in macro trade.

  • You want to be a responsible risk control trader, never be in a position to place your trades in jeopardy from losses.

  • You want to have the opportunity to join the route from Singapore to Regional Growth being a Senior Trader, Head Trader, or Quantitative Trader (develop Algorithms).


Roles & Responsibilities:

-           Ensure that trades conform to prevailing market regulations.

-            Our Traders are required to follow the house rules at all times.

-           Monitor and manage risk exposures.

-           Execute trades for a variety of financial markets.

-           Perform market research to facilitate trade analysis.

-           Produce daily trade analysis.

-           Consistent review of past trade transactions for continuous learning and improvement.

-           Continuous development of trade strategies and ideas to profit from financial markets.


To get this opportunity, you should be comfortable with numbers and have a passion for financial markets. It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience in Trading as we do have an induction programme that we offer to promising candidates. We want a responsible individual, an independent thinker, a quick and willing learner, possess high levels of initiative, as well as, a “whatever it takes” attitude towards task completion.


Depending on the markets traded, you may have to work outside normal office hours to execute or manage positions.


*Being able to provide a recent profitable track record of minimum 3 months will be preferred.

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