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Trader Induction Programme

In this programme, we will be guiding you through the fundamental process of the actual trading steps and touching on the key trading concepts. We would not only be focusing on trading fundamental but also emphasis on the Personal Business Model & Critical Thinking.

We would be showing you a Personal Business Model that helps organize an individual goals and focus on a career growth development. And, with the combination of critical thinking-based trading system, it can help incorporating the habits of your trading mind that adds a dimension to your forex trading skills.

Participants in this programme will be undergoing a 12-weeks program.

• Fundamentals: The Foundation Theory Session.
• Application: Identifying key areas and opportunities. Trade Plan development.
• Mentoring: Identifying skills and tactics in customising personalised strategy.
• Reviews & Coaching: Mentoring and guidance to achieving independent skill set.

Learning Objectives:
• Basic fundamental and mindset towards trading
• How market movement creates opportunities and strategies
• Analysing and identifying market potential
• Steps involved in placing a trade
• Better control over risk and rewards over limits
• Profit-to-loss ratio
• Building your personalised Business Canvas Model
• Identifying and applying critical thinking to overcome metal blocks

Trader Induction Programme




12 Weeks

Jason Loh

Jason Loh

Jason has been an active trader in Stocks, Forex, Algo Trading, and options trading for more than 20 years. He has grown from a retail investor to a venture capitalist.
He has been a lone trader in his early days of investment and has grasped the importance of being with the right “Setup” for a discipline trader and investor.

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