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Strategic Intraday Trading

In trading, there is always a common query to finding the right opportunity. However, this requires a deep understanding of fundamentals through consistent disciplined practice and commitment.

In this programme, we focus on the combination of strategic methods to drill through the multi-layer information to discovering the potential market opportunities as well as trading psychology. Emotional influence can have a surprisingly powerful effect over the strategy planning. Participants in this programme will be having practical exercises to experiment with the methods and applying them to the markets.

• Getting started as a Day Trader
• Understanding the trading aspect + power to compounding wealth
• Psychology Management - Programming The Mind of Trading
• Risk Management - Calculating Risk vs Rewards
• Stock Selection - Charting and Scanning
• Execution Process

Learning objective:
• Principles and mindset towards stocks trading
• How market movement creates the opportunities and trade strategies
• Analysing and identifying market movement
• How to route a sustainable, efficient and yet profitable formular
• How to manage overall portfolio risk
• Understanding Trading Psychology with the optimal emotional fulfilment

Strategic Intraday Trading




1 Week

Jay Tan

Jay Tan

Jay has more than 10 years of trading experience in the financial markets. He is currently a professional trader at Tradingplc heading the proprietary trading desk. He yield an average of over 50% annual returns and is passionate in mentoring others in achieving positive returns in their trading journey.

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