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Being part of TRADINGPLC VENTURES is more than just a career opportunity - it could be a life-changing experience. We CARE for every single individuals globally.






Career Development

Forex and Futures Trading Career

Proprietary trading firms have become a very attractive job opportunity regardless of small or big pandemic situation. A day trader working for a proprietary trading firm is typically a contractor, not an employee. Trader receives profits share and is provided with company capitals to trade. 

Hence, this exciting role is mostly for experienced traders in the recruitment route. We want someone who is committed to a career growth vision.

Busy Conference
Stocks and Trading Screen

Algo & Click Trader

As a ​proprietary firm, we are much focus on technology as well. As our Traders are focused on finding an edge in the markets, our Algo Traders are developing strategies from Backtesting and Optimization to Live Execution.




Depends on the Trader's competency, as he proves his ability or showing consistent results, Trader's fund will be scale up as soon as possible, at the Trader's pace.

However, this understanding confers upon Traders to have the ability to identify key markets levels, ability to make informed trading decisions while minimising risk, hence discipline is very much required.

Business Discussion
Adult Education Course


Who is it for?

People who are seeking a new career in finance but lack the basic understanding of how the industry works.

People employed in finance or management who need work-based skill to improve their career.

People who are trading from home and have no consistent profitable trading performance, without risk management protocols in place.

Fresh grads who have no knowledge or experience but

yet have the passion in financial trading.


Career Opportunity

We have a Proprietary Desk located at TradingPLC Bugis. Those who do best during the training and meet the requirements will be offered a role as a Funded Trader in our Proprietary Desk. Our Top Traders continually seek to grow as traders, no matter how successful.

It takes time to become a self-confident trader. Those who are committed to the learning curve and do the study necessary to become a consistently profitable trader will eventually do best.

In full transparency, this opportunity to be a Funded Trader is not for everyone. If you want to learn and train to become a professional trader, proving that you are committed and adhering to risk management, we would love to meet you.

All Junior Traders & Senior Traders! Join us in our exciting environment. If you are talented, you will get return progressively!



We train, mentor, and coach new traders and turn them into consistently profitable traders.  We hope that new traders will be able to perform well with deep understanding of trading fundamentals through disciplined practice and commitment to constant learning.



Traders with a profitable track record looking for capital and proprietary technology may apply as an experienced trader. We are looking for discretionary and automated experienced traders to join our team.

Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to sustain and grow your trading career.

"Create your future and grow your career with us!"

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