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Traders To Groom, Traders To Fund

Who We Are

Offering you an exhaustive opportunity to be our Funded Trader.

TradingPLC Ventures is the subsidiary company 

of TradingPLC Pte Ltd, which is the holding company. 

Being the investment arm of TradingPLC, we have a team of proprietary traders engaging on various instruments and across different markets such as equity indices futures, FX and bonds futures.

We also employ the use of algorithms in areas to assist our traders.

We believe in working in an exciting, fast pace environment. Learning knowledge about Macro Trading.


The Foundation theory is a one-day session. This theory session teaches the basic understanding that you need to start trading the next day.


12-weeks Induction Program

 *Conditional Refundable Fees

Application Sessions

Learning how to identify key areas and identifying opportunities. Use strategies to develop your trade plan.

Live Practice

Improve your Trading skill with the strategies and tactics taught.

This is to determine which trading strategies work best for you.

Reviews & Coaching

Mentoring and Guidance even when you are offsite. After each student learns the program, we want to ensure this becomes an independent skill set.

Our Mission

TradingPLC Ventures Mission is to look for Traders to Groom, Traders to fund. You will have the potential to build this into a career for yourself.

Why are we looking for Traders?

Not just traders, we are looking for profitable traders who have a healthy respect for risk.

Ventures being the investment arm, has the Capital to be deployed for trading and investment, and space, a Trading environment.

We also have Trading Algos which require profitable traders to help run these algos profitably.


People Who Thrive at TradingPLC Ventures

We have a Proprietary Desk located at TradingPLC Bugis. Those who do best during the training and meet the requirements will be offered a role as a Funded Trader in our Proprietary Desk. Our Top Traders continually seek to grow as traders, no matter how successful.

It takes time to become a self-confident trader. Those who are committed to the learning curve and do the study necessary to become a consistently profitable trader will eventually do best.

In full transparency, this opportunity to be a Funded Trader is not for everyone. If you want to learn and train to become a professional trader, proving that you are committed and adhering to risk management, we would love to meet you.

All Junior Traders & Senior Traders! Join us in our exciting environment. If you are talented, you will get return progressively!

Only For Those Who Has Passion and Interest in Trading or Financial Markets