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     Started in 2017, TradingPLC is trying to create a true community. We will take care of your every need from the minute you step foot into our space.

     TradingPLC is located in the heart of Singapore, Bugis. With the motto of "Co-work, Trade, Network", we believe people first, business comes next.

     With the widespread availability of our space to work in, business opportunity for all Trades has never been better.


Co-work // Trade // Network

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    Recognized as one of the world's 1st Integrated Financial Arena. We are looking for a massive investment opportunity. We strive to bring traders and investors from all areas into a supportive and healthy community that aims to keep members connected.

   Some Co-workspaces are focused on a niche. Others serve all industries.

    TradingPLC focused on Trading. We aim to be an Arena to support an efficient investment community ecosystem and provide world-class service to our members for maximizing financial gains in meeting members' needs of convenience, knowledge, information, network, and comforts.

     Our philosophy is that beautiful spaces inspire greatness in any Trades.


Tired of working in a coffee shop?

It's time for a real office now!

// We are creating a community of startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs of different trades to inspire and grow together.



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Free Coffee & Tea

High Speed WIFI

Fridge & Microwave

Meeting Room

Event Spaces

Mail Handlings


24-Hr Security

We provide free coffee & tea for you and your clients.

You can bring your homecooked food and have lunch with your colleagues.

We have printing services for you to get work done.

We provide flexible arrangement for you to customize your events.

We provide the best internet

so that work is done efficiently.

We have a meeting room where you can meet your clients and brainstorm ideas.

We have virtual office for you to register your mails.

Our space has 24-hour CCTV to ensure our space is safe and secure for everyone.

Community Host

All events and set up are done readily by our own community host

Outdoor Balcony

You can get take a break and get close to nature for your work.

Enjoy your lunch and take a break in our alfresco balcony.

In-House Entertainment

Join us during our In-house events for some fun games and make friends with all our tenants.

Whisky Night

Join us at our private Quarterly Whisky Party to know lots people from different trades.


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// We work with clients around the world & we are proud to assist in their events to make it a successful and exceptional one.

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